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UPR Mayaguez Campus
26th Job Fair
Friday, September 26st, 2014

(Limited access to registered COMPANIES, ENTERPRISES AND GOVERMENT AGENCIES only. Registration below the login form.)


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1) Click on 'Register' to request access to the web site. Fill in your email address and a password as well as any other information. Upon registration, you will receive a confirmation of your login id (email) and password. Keep it safe for future reference.
2) Personnel from the Placement Office will grant or deny access. Once you receive confirmation, you can then go back to www.uprm.org enter your personal email address and your password, click on login and read all the information related to the Job Fair.
3) If you forget your password, select 'Forgot Password' and your password will be reset to an unique one which will be send out to your registered email address.

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